A Compendium of Articles by Professor Emeritus Frank Larkins AM FRACI FAA FTSE 2011-20


  1. My submission to the ARC Excellence in Research for Australia and the Engagement in Impact Review which closed on 12 October 2020 is available here.
  2. The Federal budget injection of $1 billion of need money for Australian university research is a welcome first step. Policy Reforms and billions more will be required. An article published in The Conversation on 9 October 2020 is available at The Conversation website (https://theconversation.com/budgets-1bn-research-boost-is-a-welcome-first-step-billions-more-plus-policy-reforms-will-be-needed-147662? ) or here in the original form.
  3.  The COVID-19 pandemic has been a serious wake-up call as to the precariousness of Australian university research and innovation. Initiatives that should be taken are discussed in a Campus Morning Mail article published 28 September 2020. It may be accessed here and in the Campus Morning Mail portfolio section of this website or at https://campusmorningmail.com.au/news/rebuilding-research-requires-more-than-700-million/
  4. Our latest full research paper entitled COVID-19 Pandemic Research Funding Shortfalls with Workforce Reductions Modelled for Individual Australian Universities was published 21 September 2020 on the Melbourne CSHE website and is available here. It is also on the Research Funding and Research Performance page of this website – Article A8
  5. An associated article entitled $7.6 billion and 11% of researchers: our estimate of how much Australian university research stands to lose by 2024 was published in The Conversion on 23 September 2020. A copy of the text may be sourced from here.

An article using a simplified model published 13 August 2020 with Ian Marshman predicting a shortfall in  university research funding of more than $7 billion and researcher job losses of more than 4,600 over the next five years may be accessed here or in the Campus Morning Mail section of this website

A Melbourne CSHE article entitled Strong Research Performances by Australian Universities Depend Increasingly on Unsustainable Internal Discretionary Funding published  27 July 2020 may be found here. It is also on the Research Funding and Research Performance page – article A7.

Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education held a public webinar on 7 July 2020 at 1.00 pm on the topic ‘What will the Tehan Changes mean for Students and Universities’. My PowerPoint presentation is here

Campus Morning Mail Comments may be found in a separate page below.

Conversation article The government is making ‘job-ready’ degrees cheaper for students – but cutting funding to the same courses Published 24 June 2020 may be found here. or at The Conversation site here 

Ian Marshman, Frank Larkins, University of Melbourne  

Conversation article  COVID-19: what Australian universities can do to recover from the loss of international student fees published 3 June 2020 may be found here and at The Conversation here

Conversation article More than 10,000 job losses, billions in lost revenue: coronavirus will hit Australia’s research capacity harder than the GFC  published 12 May 2020 may be found here and at The Conversation site here:

The latest Melbourne CSHE/Martin Institute article on Modelling Individual Australian Universities Resilience in Managing Overseas Student Revenue Losses From the COVID-19 Pandemic with Ian Marshman is here. and in the portfolio section Financial Management of Australian Universities Paper E5 Published 28 May 2020. A related PowerPoint Presentation from 30 June 2020 is here.

Recent Martin Institute article on ‘Major Student and Staff Profile Changes Since 2009 By Australia’s Multi-Billion Dollar Universities’ is here. Published 30 January 2020.The accompanying paper entitled Decade Financial Performances of Five Multi-Billion Australian Universities was published in December 2019 It is available here. Summary of these articles may be found in the portfolio files below. The PowerPoint summary presented at a Centre for the Study of Higher Education Seminar on 18 February 2020 is available here.

The articles in this compendium have been researched and published in the period 2011 to 2020 through the L H Martin Institute website. The institute was an independent entity within the University of Melbourne until late 2014 when it became part of the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.  Information about the Institute can be sources here.

During this period some thirty nine articles were published on a range of contemporary topics related to higher education with a special emphasis of research-related topics. The articles follow on from the book published by the author in 2011 entitled Australian Higher Education: Research Policies and Performance 1987-2010, Melbourne University Press, 2011. Recent Martin Institute articles are available here.

Articles prior to 2017 are not readily available because they were archived and not transferred to the CSHE platform. Some articles may be available here.

This compendium consolidates the articles in a single location clustered together within five themes.

  • Financial Management of Australian Universities
  • Student Profiles in Australian Universities
  • Academic and Professional Staffing in Australian Universities
  • Australian Research Council Excellence in Research for Australian Outcomes
  • Research Training and Research Performance

A brief summary of each article is provided with the full paper included in the appendix.